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How to Receive Support for Orangescrum Open Source Project Management tool?  

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Open source project management tools have gained popularity in the recent years. Even then, there are just a handful. The adoption of such tools is yet to reach its full potential primarily due to concerns around their support.

Open source technologies have gained significant acceptance in the last few years. Various languages and frameworks such as Angular JS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Swift, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Ionic to name a few.

If you just scratch the surface as why they turned out to be so popular so quick you will find they are:

  • Trusted by the tech unicorns of the 21st century – Twitter, Google, Uber, Amazon, IBM, Intel, Netflix, Linkedin, PayPal and the erstwhile NASA.
  • Supported by proper documentation and a huge global community (very large talent pool)
  • Proven to be highly scalable & suitable for both small and enterprise level apps.
  • Highly compatible with all major hosting platforms
  • Offer a high degree of freedom and choice
  • Capable of developing web and mobile apps alike

The points above are testimony to how business efficient open source platforms have been over the years.

They provide steady access to a large and global talent pool and keep us all abreast with the most happening technology trends.

All of these augur well to start, run and scale your business at minimum cost while presenting a great learning and upskilling opportunity as well.

Keeping in tandem with the technological advances, Orangescrum also has offered an absolutely free for all open source project management tool.

“With over half a million downloads, Orangescrum is one of the most popular open source project management tool available out there.”

Orangescrum offers a no questions asked, no commitment and absolutely free download of its open source edition.

Well, all sounds good, but what about the support, security and updates? Read more