What is a Task Status Group?

Custom Task Status Group or Workflow allows you to create 

  • A set of multiple custom task statuses
  • Assign the relevant progress% for each custom status
  • Color code the custom statuses
  • Group them all together into one Task Status Group

You can create multiple custom task status groups. Unlimited in fact. But you can use only one custom task status group per project.

Essentially, the custom task status group allows you to create custom statuses tailor made for your specific project types and business processes. The Kanban view of your project becomes more lively with these custom swimlanes to take a quick check on the project progress.



You can use the statuses that are aligned closest to the nature or type of work to be accomplished by the tasks of a specific project. It helps you define a logical lifecycle of your tasks from start to finish.

And when you change the status of a task, the task progress is also updated automatically. Note that this also rolls-up to the milestone and project progress calculation as shown on the executive dashboard

Tip: A status history for audit trail is captured for each task and can be seen within the task detail page. You clearly know the status updates made to the task and the time stamps for how long a task was in a particular status and with whom.

Task details


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