What are the features in the chat?

Chat with User:

  • Login to Orangescrum
  • Go to the chat icon chat icon (you can find it at the below right corner near the + icon)
  • Click on the chat icon
  • On the chat pop-up, go to the search bar & search the name of the user.

Search users

  • Click on that user & type of your message to start the chat or conversation with him or her.

CHat with one user

Chat with Team:

  • Click on the chat
  • Go to the Group icon
  • Search user & click on every user to add them to group

Group chat 2

  • Click on the Create Group
  • Edit the Group Name from the Group tab on the left side of the chat pop-up

Rename the group

Save as Task:

  • On the chat pop-up, go to the top right corner.
  • Click on the Save as Task
  • Select the Project & an existing task or create a new task from here
  • Click on Save to Create the conversation as Task or to add it to existing Task.

Save as task

Share Files:

  • Go to the message description box, click on the attach icon.
  • Attach the file & send it to the user or team

attach icon

Real-time availability:

If a user is logged in Orangescrum, then you can see the user is live/online as a green light on his or her profile icon or image.

Real time available

User Role:

You can see a user is admin or owner or client or a general user. If on the below of the user icon or image is not mentioned anything, then the user is a general user. Other users marked as client, admin or owner as role given by the owner or admin. You can see if a user is admin, then it will show you admin on the below of his or her profile icon or image.

Admin or client'


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