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[Sticky] How to Customize Orangescrum in 5 mins?  

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As an Orangescrum Account owner, you can personalize/customize Orangescrum look and feel to match your company environment.

1. Upload a Profile Photo

With an avatar, it is a great way to communicate with your teams/colleagues in Orangescrum. A profile photo helps you to identify who has commented or assigned or responsible for a task in a quick view.

To upload your photo, simply navigate to your Settings and click on My Profile under Personal Settings.

Profile Setting

Select your best picture and upload to inspire others to upload their avatars as well!

Profile Setting
Note: Profile photo size must be 300x300 pixels (height x width).

2. Select Time zone

In your Profile Setting page, make sure you have set the right time zone for your account. Otherwise, it may affect your task due dates, email notification and reports’s time. Read More



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