What is a Wiki?

Organizations use Wiki for different purposes from creating training documents to knowledge base of their product(s) and or service(s). It allows for collaborating edit by a group of users like Wikipedia.

In short, the Wiki is for composing, discussing, hyperlinking, collaborating & communicating.

Usage of Wiki:

  • Create an office memo so everyone can access and update
  • Create a large and complex catalog of products which can be easily editable, searchable and linked to different product items.
  • Create your sales knowledge base with sales tips and tricks
  • Create a wiki for business or employee training with business policies, best practices, standards, and guidelines.

In OrangeScrum, you can create 2 types of wikis- Project and Non-project.

Project wiki(s) are created for specific projects. Project scope documents, SRS,BRS documents are some examples of project wiki. However, Non-project wiki are project independent. They are generally created to be shared with complete organization. Company policies,Rules & regulations etc are examples of Non-project wiki.

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