How to set up cron for windows?

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Please follow the instruction below:-

  • Download the wget.exe file and put it on C:\wamp64 or C:\Program Files (x86)
  • Go to control panel => system & security => Administrative Tools => Task Scheduler
  • Click on Create Task.
  • In General Tab, put the name of the Task.
  • In Triggers Tab, click New to put the time to execute the task.
  • In Action Tab, click New and add wget path in Program/script

and the command “-q -O NUL –user=allan –password=os123 http://localhost/orangescrum-master/cron/dailyUpdateMail” in Add arguments(Optional) tab



user = your windows login user name

Password = Your  windows login password

http://localhost/orangescrum-master = Your orangescrum url

/cron/dailyUpdateMail = your cron funtion name


These are the cron to setup: –

-q -O NUL –user=John –password=123


-q -O NUL –user=John –password=123


-q -O NUL –user=John–password=123


-q -O NUL –user=John –password=123


-q -O NUL –user=John –password=123


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