Why Orangescrum Open source edition?

Orangescrum was originally built by a team of developers and marketers to support their product development and delivery as a team and a company.

Growing business, clientele and simultaneous complex projects took a toll on the team’s daily operations. There was no way to collaborate and communicate easily, track all activities and deliverables properly to meet customer expectations.

As the tool grew consistently to meet the company’s demands and became feature intensive we decided to help our fellow developers, designers marketers, and companies that are committed to a stress-free work atmosphere.

Simplified collaboration and success is our mantra at Orangescrum.

We are passionate about bringing teams on a single platform that enables seamless ideation, troubleshooting, and development of products that positively impact the world and lives of people who use them.

Everything is driven around simplification. Be it the processes, removing bottle-necks, feedback loops, enabling contribution and most importantly a tool that – “Explains itself!”

Our obsession with Simplicity has made Orangescrum a “preferred work partner” for companies across industries from product development, marketing agencies, professional services companies to solution providers, system integrators and consulting firms.

Our “users and their customers” have proudly and precisely confirmed our long-standing beliefs that Orangescrum is
– Fun to use
– Minimum to zero learning curve
– Faster adoption cycle
– Strategic fit for today’s diverse and ever digital workforce
– Intelligent, Intuitive, Elegant and Simplest collaborative platform available today
– Unlimited Users is a huge plus as it grows with your team and business
– Super responsive and proven professional support team
– FREE to download and use privately on your own premises – No questions asked
– Ever growing community of most intelligent brains and perfectionists out there.

We do not believe in receiving donations and hence offer premium features as add-ons at once for life prices with a perpetual license for unlimited users. This helps us keep our lights ON and continue our development efforts in order to support our user community.


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