How to install PHPMailer add-on in Orangescrum Community Edition?


  • Apache with ‘mod_rewrite’
  • Enable curl in php.ini
  • Change the ‘post_max_size’ and ‘upload_max_filesize’ to 200Mb in php.ini
    • PHP 5.5 or 5.6
    • MySQL 5.6
    • If STRICT mode is On, turn it Off.

Installation Steps:-

For Existing Users

  1. Make sure to keep a backup of your existing “app” folder of your current working directory.
  2. Please latest code from below from (
  3. Extract the zip file( to your desktop.
  4. Remove the existing “app” folder from your working directory then copy and paste the extracted “app” folder inside “orangescrum-master” to your working directory.
  5. If you are using local machine as storage (excluding Amazon S3), please follow the below steps:
    • Find the folder named “files” inside the “app/webroot” folder from the back up app folder.
    • Copy all the files and folders inside “files” and paste/replace inside the current(latest) “app/webroot/files” folder.
  6. Give write permission to “app/Config”, “app/tmp”, “app/Plugin” and “app/webroot” folders.

For Example:-

chmod -R 777 app/Config

chmod -R 777 app/tmp

chmod -R 777 app/Plugin

chmod -R 777 app/webroot

  • Import the “addon.sql” files from the extracted files to your current database.
  • Do necessary changes to “constants.php” and “database.php” inside “app/Config” folder again as you have done earlier. For Example SMTP email credentials in constants.php and database credentials in database.php.
  • Run your website once.

Ex. http://localhost/orangescrum (if you are using localhost) (if you are using IP) (if you are using any valid domain)

Note: if you are facing any issue or seeing any blank page after doing all the above steps, then just do the        following once

  • Replace “Configure::write(‘debug’,0);” with “Configure::write(‘debug’,2);” in the app/Config/core.php. Run the web url once and restore the debug value to 0 again.


For New Users

Use below URL

PHPMailer Addon Installation Procedure

  1. Download the Add-on zip file.
  2. Place the downloaded zip file(Ex. in the “app/webroot” folder.
  3. Log in to the application.
  4. To install the add-on(Ex. Php Mailer add-on) run below link once and follow the instructions.

Ex. http://…./install/phpmailer (for Php Mailer add-on)

Note : If you don’t want use php mailer add-on please run below query

UPDATE`addons`SET`isactive` = ‘1’ WHERE`addons`.`name` = ‘PHPMAILER’;

If you want use php mailer add-on please run below query

UPDATE`addons`SET`isactive` = ‘0’ WHERE`addons`.`name` = ‘PHPMAILER’

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